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2013-08-13 06:09 pm

Migration complete, I think...

I took some time today to figure out where my memories from Lj were. Looked each one up, and then found it here, and marked it for memories. Now to just figure out how to make this journal friends only... Its Friends only in Lj land, but not here, perhaps I won't be able to do that here since I am still cross posting to Lj. We'll see, if anyone can lend some info that would be great.
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2013-08-10 10:47 am

So the new journal is started

The old one is still there, and this should cross post to it too, so I am not losing anything, just putting myself in a different place. Hopefully this will all work. I don't really have much to say at the moment, other than I got too little sleep last night, and was up too early this morning but oh well, it is Bash this weekend and there will be stuff to do. I think I will shower while they are at Dim Sum, and maybe got to Berkeley with them. There are some things I want to see if I can get. And perhaps find the new Dune book. I want to run down to India Town for some things there. My biggest need is to get a new Hard Drive, a really big one, but that may take care of itself. Virgil says that he thinks he has retrieved all my data from the last one that died. I never want to go through that again! He has worked so hard on this, and I feel like I need to do something nice for him in return. I think if I had had someone else do it, it would have cost me plenty just to get the material back.
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2009-10-26 12:24 pm

My Godmother in a Music Video

The priestess in the beginning is my godmother, This was made by one of her friends in the Orisha religion.
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2009-10-26 11:32 am

Slow Marching Band

Words and music by Jethro Tull

Would you join a slow marching band?
And take pleasure in your leaving
as the ferry sails and tears are dried
and cows come home at evening.

Could you get behind a slow marching band?
And join together in the passing
of all we shared through yesterdays
in sorrows neverlasting.

Take a hand and take a bow.
You played for me; that's all for now, oh, and never
mind the words just hum along and keep on going.
Walk on slowly --- don't look behind you.
Don't say goodbye, love. I won't remind you.

Dream of me as the nights draw cold
still marking time through Winter.
You paid the piper and called the tune
and you marched the band away.

Take a hand and take a bow.
You played for me; that's all for now, oh, and never
mind the words just hum along and keep on going.
Walk on slowly --- don't look behind you.
Don't say goodbye, love. I won't remind you.

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2009-10-09 12:07 am
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2009-10-05 02:18 pm

Serenta Available from CD Baby

Yes its true! The lovely voices of the beautiful ladies of Comedia Volante are now available at CD Baby!


For those who haven't heard them sing, theirs is a beautiful sound, rich, lush, (not in the drinking way, but in the full sound way) and lots of fun.

I highly recommend them!!!
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2009-10-02 10:24 am

What? In TEXAS???


Texas Judge Rules Gay-Marriage Ban Violates U.S. Constitution

DALLAS — A Texas judge cleared the way for two Dallas men to get a divorce, ruling Thursday that Texas' ban on same-sex marriage violates the constitutional guarantee to equal protection under the law.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said he'd appeal the ruling, which he labeled an attempt to strike down the ban approved by voters in 2005.

"The laws and constitution of the State of Texas define marriage as an institution involving one man and one woman," Abbott said in a written statement. "Today's ruling purports to strike down that constitutional definition – despite the fact that it was recently adopted by 75 percent of Texas voters."

Abbott has argued that because the state doesn't recognize gay marriage, its courts can't dissolve one through divorce.

District Judge Tena Callahan's ruled Thursday, however, that the court "has jurisdiction to hear a suit for divorce filed by persons legally married in another jurisdiction."

Jennifer Pizer, marriage project director for the New York-based gay rights group Lambda Legal, said it is too early to predict the ultimate implications of the lawsuit, in which neither man is identified.

But Cathy Adams, president of the conservative Texas Eagle Forum, characterized the decision as a judicial overreach.

"Judicial activism is what they're after, and it sounds as if they found someone in Dallas to participate in their endeavor," she said. "The people of Texas have spoken very strongly in opposition to same-sex marriage."

Peter Schulte, an attorney for the man who filed for divorce, told The Dallas Morning News that he and his client are "ecstatic" over the court's ruling. Schulte said the decision was a surprise, and that he hoped to have the judge sign a divorce order in a few weeks.

Gov. Rick Perry said state lawmakers and voters have repeatedly affirmed marriage as being between a man and a woman.

"I believe the ruling is flawed and should be appealed," Perry said.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, said she also supports Abbott's decision to appeal. Hutchison, who is challenging Perry in the GOP gubernatorial primary, said she has "consistently voted to preserve the sanctity of marriage and as governor I will continue to defend traditional marriage."

A phone message left by The Associated Press at court offices for Callahan was not immediately returned late Thursday. Callahan's ruling was first reported in The Dallas Morning News.

Pizer predicted an eventual end to bans on gay marriage in Texas and across the country.

"Most people do recognize that, eventually, American law will treat gays and lesbians the same as every other American," she said. "What we don't know is how may chapters that story will be."

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2009-09-29 05:11 pm

Leo Horoscope from Rob Brezsney


Leo Horoscope for week of October 1, 2009

Verticle Oracle card Leo (July 23-August 22)
"I may not love you," wrote R. R. Doister, "but I can certainly love my fantasy about you." Personally, I've been guilty of embodying that attitude toward certain people in my life. There have also been allies to whom I could have said, "I do love you, although I love my fantasy about you a little more." And it has even been the case on numerous occasions that I've been proud to declare, "I love you even more than I love my fantasy about you." What about you, Leo? Where do you stand on the issue? This is an excellent time to get on the righteous side of the great divide, which is to say: Adore your special people for who they really are more than for your fantasies about them.

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2009-09-29 09:55 am


Mercury has gone direct today. Finally. So I was reading more about it, and find that it was retrograde in my house of money. Shite! No wonder everything financial has gone just plain stupid. Its going to be a bit before they right thenselves for me because the EDD is involved. Sometimes I hate all of this stuff, and sometimes it is simply funny, the eternal play of consciousness. Well anyway its time to move forward, and hopefully some of the stuff that I have been working on will come to fruition very soon!
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2009-09-23 04:39 pm

Stupid Retrograde

Mercury will stop being retrograde and go direct on September 29th....

I can't wait!!!
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2009-09-22 11:01 pm

A Softer World : 465


scroll your mouse over one of the pictures for the rest of the messege...
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2009-05-07 12:26 pm
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2009-05-01 01:03 pm

Browser problems

I seem to be having a weird problem with my browser, Mozilla/Firefox. If I get to a place where I am typing something into it, it will suddenly run itself back to the first page it was on when I opened it. Its happening often enough that its really getting annoying.

Has anyone ever had this problem? What did you do to fix it. BTW it happens if I use IE Explorer too, but I rarely use that one....

Please help!
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2009-03-17 01:33 pm
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2009-03-17 01:20 pm

Not wearing Green

I am not wearing green, I am Irish, and pagan, so I don't celebrate the guy that worked so hard to end my ancestor's way of life. Pinch me, tickle me, hug me, kiss me if you want, but I'm not wearing green...
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2009-03-13 01:54 pm

Strange name

I just ran across an interesting name... its hyphenated, but the last part is Cockrum...

very odd...
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2009-02-02 08:02 am